Festival of Colors 2016

April 9th 2016

Presented by ISKCON of DC

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What is Holi?

Lots of color. Everywhere.

It’s a festival celebrating love – and the power of love to bring all good things into our lives.

The festival signifies new life, new growth, new beginnings.

Holi, therefore, reminds us to color our life with love, faith, and a generous spirit. It calls us to give and receive. And best of all, it's just great fun. We get lost in color, forget about our usual identity, and experience life – and each other – from a whole new perspective.





Available to purchase at the festival for $5 a pack. They are natural, non-toxic and wash off easily enough – that being said, wear something you might not need in the future.


We are excited to have Gaura Vani performing along with other amazing local artists. You will be jumping and dancing in a colorful cloud in no time.



We will have amazing food tables set up with a Thali (full indian meal) available for $5, Samosas and Fries, Cupcakes and some other surprises.


Be courteous to others – don’t aim at the mouth or eyes. No Water – we like staying warm and dry. No drugs or alcohol – lets have fun without them.

For your safety we sell only non-toxic and FDA approved colors at this festival. No color packs from outside the event will be allowed in.

I never knew there was a festival like Holi, The event is so full of colors and fun. There was so much color I couldn’t recognize anyone I came to the festival with. It’s plain and simple good fun – and the food is amazing!

William Tansey – Participant


Wanna be prepared? Here are your things to do before the 11th:

1. Be sure you know where to park

We like you and don’t want you to get towed or driving to the wrong place!

2. Wear White

Be sure to capture the glory of Holi by coming in your whitest shirt! You can also get one of our shirts on the way in to get messy, or on the way out to stay clean.

3. Like our Facebook and Follow our Twitter

They will have multiple updates about the festival. A whole bunch of free stuff will be given out too, so be sure to keep checking them out.

4. Come Early, Smile Always, Stay Late

5. Tell every single person you know about HoliDC!

 Wow what a rush! So much fun, so much good food and so much color! I’m bringing all my friends next year!

Chihong Chan – Participant


No, we have an environment for the whole family to enjoy. No drugs or alcohol are allowed on the campus.
Dress to get covered from head to toe in color!
Yes. Tents around the festival site will have Color available for $5 a pack. No outside colors will be allowed into the festival.
Yes, our Information Tent will be the place to go.
The use or possession of any drugs will not be tolerated anywhere inside the venue. Narcotics officers will be working both areas and enforcing all drug related laws. Do not bring any illegal substances to the event as violators will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. If you are found inebriated at the door, security will not let you enter the venue. Event staff reserves the right to refuse entry to anyone.
No, we will usually move the festival to the following weekend, unless otherwise stated.
Every event is different, and we will release details on tickets and registration before each event.